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SAMPLE SALE: Kensington Gardens bowls


Porcelain pasta bowls (21.5cm) with hand-drawn design and hand applied decals.

'So I ran away to Kensington Gardens and lived a long long time among the fairies...'

Inspired by J.M Barrie's 'Peter Pan'  this tableware collection developed from a series of my photographs and illustrations from London's Kensington Gardens; exploring delicate shapes and shadows, designed to tell stories in spaces.  Hand-drawn botanical imagery in pen and ink decorate the surfaces of these ceramics, with washes of vivid colour.

Available individually or as a set of 4.  Each set includes a bowl in 4 vivid colours: plum, emerald, lime and ocean blue.  Microwave and dishwasher safe.  Designed and made in London.  Please note this is a sample set of bowls.

Please note: All sale items are non-refundable unless there is a fault with the product.