Furoshiki gift wrapping cloth

Furoshiki gift wrapping cloth


A perfect unique and thoughtful way to gift presents to your loved ones.


Dating back centuries, Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth used to cover gifts, transport items, and hold belongings - depending on the technique of folding and tying. The modern resurgence of this ancient craft can be attributed to its eco-friendly characteristics, as is provides a sustainable, reusable, and versatile alternative to gift wrap.


Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, each wrap is completely reusable and doesn’t require any sellotape, ribbons, glue or scissors – it’s an easy and eco-friendly solution to present-wrapping.  


Featuring the Meadow print, this design has been developed in my London Studio and is the perfect finishing touch for giftware from the Meadow Afternoon tea collection.


Size guide:

Small (35cm x 35cm)

The ideal size for wrapping boxes of jewellery, small trinkets and gift cards. 


Medium (50x50cm) is great for wrapping gifts such as books, medium-sized boxes, cosmetics, perfumes and candles.


Large (70cm x 70cm) is great for wine and other alcohol bottles, large books and larger sized boxes.


Set of 3 includes one small, medium and large sized wrap.